un día en la fábrica

short film

"A Day at the Workshop" is an abstract short film based on the works of Spanish Sculptor Víctor Lorenzo. His work is centered on the human figure and its ever growing reliance on technology. His articulated sculptures are often life-sized, although he has worked on several series of miniatures. Crafted primarily from wood, and often incorporating other materials such as metals, and platics.

Un Día en la Fábrica premiered World-Wide at the 2011 Milan Super8 Film Festival in Italy. Víctor's work directly inspired the visual language of the short film. I shot one S8mm cart with my Beaulieu 4008ZMII at Víctor's workshop using nothing more than a single work lamp and available light. The entire sound soundtrack was mixed from location sound recordings.

Project Details

ROLE : Director

FORMAT : Super 8mm Film

RUN TIME : 3 min

ARTIST : Victor Lorenzo