mi gallo

Short Film

Shot on location at the Gallera de Cataño in Puerto Rico, Mi Gallo is a gritty, rough and tough drama that lives in the heart of illegal betting, an underworld where your "biggest bet is not always the easiest win".

Starring José Cotte and María Coral Otero, Mi Gallo was directed by Javier Colon, and photographed by Miguel Creus. Principal photography was done with a Sony PXW-FS7 recording material in S-gamut3/S-Log3. For this project I used two different print-film emulation LUTs along with 2 different film-grain files to give the short its gritty look. I then built up the color grade to further emphasize the storyline.

Drama | Color | 7 minutes

Project Details

STUDIO : Spanglish Films

ROLE : Colorist

IMDB : Mi Gallo