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In late 2014 I directed and edited a project for HP's PPS group consisting of three, one-hour shows broadcasted World-Wide to 150,000 employees. The US Show (master) contained 15 segments with some coming from outside agencies or third parties, while the remainig two shows (Europe & Asia) had different heads and tails segments which meant managing a total of 21 segments. Of these some were shot green-screen, others in the studio, and others even on-location, with a variety of cameras and recording codecs making for a very complex post workflow. I Directed the segments for the CEO as well as for several VPs. My crew consisted primarily of a DP, B-Cam Operator, Audio Engineer, several Grips, HMU, and Teleprompter Op. On the client side I ended up with more than 15 contacts, all of whom were keen on participating in the review process.

Although I can't show the final video since it contains confidential info, I did collect a few stats to give you an idea of the scope of the project along with a few frame-grabs:

fun facts

Total Sequences : 80

Client Reviews : 40

Lower Thirds : 17

Assets : 590 GB

Days to Complete : 14